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Final conference

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Charles Wannop from Scotland (Partner IFSAT) explaining things at the final conference in Akureyri Iceland, October 4th 2013.
Downtown Akureyri, Hotel KEA and the Akureyri Church.
Picture takein in the Island of Hrisey evening October 4th 2013 after the Workmentor Final conference. From left: Aril (Norway), Caroline (Wales), Eleonora (Farnce), Nicolas (France), Tanja (Finland), Charlotte (Finland), Bente (Norway), Beatrice (Finland), Kristín, (Iceland), Ketill (Iceland), Mireille (France), Hildur (Iceland), Ingvild (Norway), Bas (Netherlands), Didier (France), Ellen (Netherlands), Charles (Scotland), Jóhannes (Iceland).

Workmentor Project, Final conference.

We decided to use the opportunity to participate in the biggest conference on Education in Iceland held 2013. This year the main topic was The learning Society. Cooperation and Discussion at All Levels. Poster on conference.

In Icelandic, all workshops. The Workmentor workshops will be held in room M 33 in MA. The Workmentor workshops are described on pages 34 and 35.

The University of Akureyri Teacher's College cooperates with other institutions in the area hosting a conference every second or third year. Usually the conference has been directed towards the common aspects of education at all levels. 2013 the keynote speaker is professor Louise Stoll PhD. Her lecture is: Professional Learning Society.

The conference was held October Friday 4th 2013.

The Workmentor Project hosted two workshops at the conference about the project.
The first one was reviewing the project and the work done.
The second one was focussed on workplace education.

Workshop on the Workmentor Project

All the presentations are available in video from the workshop, click the heading. You might need to adjust the volume in your computer.
To view the slides please click the link.

Introduction to the Workmentor Project. Slides
Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland, project coordinator.

Main Ideas of the Workmentor Project. Slides
Bas Timmers, IFSAT, Netherlands.

Introducing the Workmentor Manual.
Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland.

Workmentor - On mentoring from Gower College Swansea. Slides
Caroline Townsend Jones, Gower College Swansea, Wales

Example from the Workmentor Workshop
Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland.

Workmentor Video from France.
Mireille Rioual and Nicolas Bizeul, Jules Rieffel / France Europea

Workmentor - Quote on participating in the piloting workshop from a workplace in Iceland. Slides
Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland

Workshop on Workplace Education

Introduction to the Workshop, in Icelandic. Narrative in english.
Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland.

On the three way agreement about workplace education. Slides
‎ Charles Wannop. IFSAT, Scotland.

From the Bus Garage - On the experience of having students in the workplace, in Icelandic. Introduction to the presentation. Narrative in English.
Þorsteinn Konráðsson, garage foreman, SVA (Akureyri Streetbus Company), Iceland.

Teaching students to work with horses. Slides
Bente Ryen, Skjetlein econdary School, Trondheim, Norway.

Teaching Meat Processing in the workplace - in Icelandic. Narrrative in English.
Eðvald Sveinn Valgarðsson, Quality Manager at Kjarnafæði Meat Processing Company, Akureyri, Iceland.

VMA, Akureyri Comprehensive (Vocational) College and the workplaces - in Icelandic. Slides Narrative in English.
Sigríður Huld Jónsdóttir, Assistant Principal

Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland.

European Monitoring Conference in Brussels.

The Workmentor Project was invited to the European Monitoring Conference Work Based Learning and Apprenticeships on 11-12 February 2014 at MCE – Management Centre Europe, Rue de l'Aqueduc 118 / Waterleidingsstraat 118, 1050 Brussels.