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Goals and objectives

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The main objective of the project is to transfer mentoring methods into the relationship between a member of staff and a student in a workplace. The employee / workmentor is guiding the student, giving the student a more secure beginning in the workplace but at the same time the mentor will work with the student towards the goal of becoming a fully functional member of staff and a qualified worker.

Introduction to the Work Mentor Project

In Vocational Education Training, the employer’s role is important to the development of learner’s work based competences. Learner success would benefit from a structured approach from the employer as a competent and dedicated mentor. This project will provide a flexible mentoring programme so that employers are better equipped to support learners in the work place.

To achieve this, the following issues have been identified:
- Employers understanding of their role and contributions to learning are varied and lacking.
- Contact between College/ Provider and work place varies between countries.
- Younger learners need support for work based projects and assignments.
- There is no formal training given to employers to support learning at work.

WORK MENTOR builds on the relationship between learner, teacher and employer by providing an innovative mentoring skills course for work supervisors. The project takes a mentoring project IMPLEMENTOR (www.peermentor.org) and transfers it to the work place


General aim

To provide work supervisors with greater understanding of vocational learning and mentoring skills to support young people in vocational education and training. This will improve the effectiveness, retention and achievement of on-the-job learning for Apprenticeships and wider placements. The project is broken down into 8 work packages extending over two years. See agenda of the project.

Final products

The final products of the Work Mentor Project will be course materials and trained trainers ready for working with people from workplaces that will Mentor students in the workplace. The course materials will be available in all the languages of the partners, English, Welsh, French, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic on the projects website and from the partners themselves.