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Partner Meeting 1

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View from our meeting venue Castellamare


Attending the meeting (from left): Ketill (VMA, Ice), Caroline in front (Gower Coll, Wales), Andrés in middle (LdV NA Ice), Nicolas top (Jules R. France), Ingvild top (Skjetlein Nor), Mireille in middle (Jules R. France), Bente in front (Skjetlein Nor), Jóhannes in front, grey sweater (VMA Ice), Óskar top blue jacket (VMA Ice), Philip (Riverside Eng), Tanja (Axxell Fin), Bas (IFSAT, Netherlands), Don (Gower Coll, Wales).
Dinner at PA's Monday night.

Of course the main object of the first partner meeting is to meet the partners, socialize and organize the project. The hosts from Gower College introduced the Mentor ideas and all partners introduced their ideas about the project.

From VMA in Iceland came a reminder of the rationale for the project. They want to learn about mentoring and specially about working with workplaces to create opportunities for students who do not find school a pleasant environment due to their own inability to finish academic or practical schoolwork or due to the limited spectrum of study in their school.

The agenda for the meeting.

‎Minutes of the meeting.

VMA introduced their vision of the WorkMentor project.

The slideshow also contains the main facts about the project. The main goals and objectives of the project. The sllideshow listed and introduced the partners of the project. Also a review of the the main work to do and suggestions for venues and dates of meetings.

Andrés Pétursson from the Leonardo da Vinci National Agency in Iceland talked about projects and reminded us of our duties and good practice.
Here is his slideshow.

Here is a Gantt chart of the proposed work in the project.

Two products from the meeting about reviewing and editing materials we might be able to use as the basis for our Mentor Workshop during the piloting phase.
Here is a concept map showing the most important topics needed for the education of mentors.
This is the original concept map in Philip's notebook.

A list of topics each partner will cover and report before the meeting in Norway.

The venue. Swansea Wales

The first partner meeting was held by Gower College Swansea. They recommended Mumbles a popular tourist attraction as a venue for the meeting. Mumbles is a small peninsula creating the western border of the Swansea Bay. Mumbles is a part of the Gower area/peninsula. At the tip of Mumbles we held our meetings at the Castellamare Restaurant.


We stayed at two guesthouses in Mumbles. The Glen View Guest House and The Langland Cove Guest House. These are two wonderful guesthouses with only a limited number of rooms so the stay is personal and pleasant.

Some pictures from the meeting.

Narrative in Icelandic about the trip from Iceland and about the meeting.