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Partner Meeting 2

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Philip, Stephen and Ketill outside Stiklestad Hotel.
Attending the meeting (from left): Bente (Skjetlein, Nor), Beatrice (Axxell, Fin), Caroline (Gower Coll, Wales), Stephen (Riverside Eng), Kristín in front (VMA, Ice), Ketill in back (VMA, Ice), Don in front (Gower Coll, Wales), Bas in back (IFSAT, Netherlands), Mireille in front (Jules R. France), Tanja (Axxell Fin), Maarten in back (Het Idee/IFSAT, Netherlands), Ingvild (Skjetlein Nor), Jóhannes (VMA, Ice), Philip (Riverside, Eng).
Ketill and Mireille working at the meeting.

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The agenda of the Partner Meeting 2 (PM2) in Stiklestad, Norway.

A reminder from VMA at the beginning of the meeting.

The notes from Partner Meeting 2 (PM2) in Stiklestad.

The main items on the agenda is to catch up with the situation in each partner institute, how did the Inventory of needs phase go and what were the outcomes concerning the interest and willingness of employers to engage in a workshop about mentoring in the workplace. Each institution will explain their progress and what they are working on.

Inventory of needs.

Philip from Riverside Training organized the inventory of needs phase and compiled a report on the results from the surveys each partner issued to some employers. This report will be one of the main items on the agenda.

Mentor training materials.

The partners have been looking at the mentoring training materials from the Implementor project and have been pairing the materials with the needs they identify from the results of the survey. This is the second main item on the agenda for the meeting.

Administrative items.

VMA in Akureyri, Iceland will review the course of the project with updates on the project´s website, a proposal for external evaluation and finances.

Partner meeting 3 and a training of trainers workshop.

The group will discuss the next meeting and the work to be done before that. The third partner meeting will be held in Nantes, France.

Venue - Trondheim Norway

The second partner meeting is held by Skjetlein Videregaende skole. They recommended Stiklestad a historic place and a popular tourist attraction as a venue for the meeting. Stiklestad is close to the small village Verdal inland (towards east) from Trondheim.

Trondheim is the third largest municipality in Norway. The city is located at a fjord in Trondelag region.

Skjetlein Videregaende skole is a school in a countryside setting south from Trondheim, Norway. Offering study in building and animal care Skjetlein has experience in working with students in a school workplace, students taking active responsibility in animal care at the school farm. The students finish their study as apprentices in workplaces.


We stayed at the Stiklestad Hotel. We also held our meetings at the hotel facilities.