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Partner Meeting 3

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From the TOT workshop in Nantes.
Attending the meeting: front row from left: Bente (Skjetlein, Nor), Mireille (Jules R. France), Jeanne-Marie (Jules R. France), Ingvild (Skjetlein Nor). Standing from left: Bas (IFSAT, Netherlands), Kristín in front (VMA, Ice), Maarten in back (Het Idee/IFSAT, Netherlands), Michelle in front(main lecturer Gower Coll, Wales), Rachel (Gower Coll, Wales), Nicolas in back (Jules R. France), (Beatrice (Axxell, Fin), Charlotte (Axxell, Fin), Ketill in back (VMA, Ice), Tanja (Axxell Fin), Jóhannes in back (VMA, Ice), Sólveig (University of Akureyri, Ice), Philip (Riverside, Eng), Charlie (IFSAT, Netherlands).

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The agenda of the Training of trainers and PM3 in Nantes.

Johannes from VMA started the meeting with a reminder of the rationale for the project.

The minutes of the meeting.

An example of the certificate for attending the workshop and meeting.

Tuesday August 28th 2012. Travel to Nantes.

Wednesday August 29th 2012. A workshop on mentoring, led by Michelle Brinkworth from Gower College.

Thursday August 30th 2012. How to recruit employers and how to deliver the mentor training.

Friday August 31st 2012. Each partner described their plan for th piloting of the Mentor training. Administrative matters.

From the Campus of Jules Rieffel.

We can say the training and the meeting was successful. We had a productive workshop and discussion about what is mentoring in the workplace. Then we made plans about how to recruit prospective employers and mentors from the workplaces. One of the issues is how to sell this idea to employers that they should allocate a person from their workforce to attend a workshop on mentoring a student and then assisting the student in the workplace.

We tasted wine and cheese. We took a boat tour on a river in central Nantes. We visited a wine grower and we dined out. This visit to Nantes was a pleasant one and productive.

Nantes France - Venue

The third partner meeting is held by Jules Rieffel.

Nantes is the fourth largest metropolitan area in France. Nantes is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region.

Jules Rieffel

Jules Rieffel was hosting the Training of Trainers workshop and Partner meeting 3.


We stayed at the dormitory of Jules Rieffel. We held our meetings at the school's facilities.