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Partner Meeting 4

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The 4th partner meeting will be held by the Finnish partner Axxell.

Pratical guide from Tanja / Axxell.


A proposal for an agenda. 22nd April.

Minutes of PM4.

Piloting phase.

All partners will review their work on the piloting phase. Each partner has been doing workshops or otherwise using the mentor materials with people from workplaces in their home setting. All the outcomes will be collected into a report on the piloting.

Asking the partners to report on piloting.
Report on piloting in Iceland by VMA.
Report on piloting by Axxell - Finland. Piloting in France.

Mentor training materials.

The piloting experience will be used to agree on the finished form of the mentoring materials. In some cases the partners will rearrange or select different parts to include in their final version of the mentoring manual. This is because the partners were using the mentoring materials with different types of workplaces working with different groups of students.

Administrative items.

VMA in Akureyri, Iceland, will review the course of the project. The interim peort and comments from the evaluation of the interim report. Updates on the project´s website, a proposal for the final report and the final products of the project.

Evaluation of the interim report.

Partner meeting 5 and the final conference

The group will discuss the last meeting, Partner Meeting 5 to be held in Akureyri in October 2013. Also in Akureyri the partnership will take part in a conference held by the University of Akureyri and other educational institutions in Northern Iceland. The Workmentor project will host a workshop as a part of the conference explaining the project and it´s products. During partner meeting 4 in Ekenäs the partnership needs to plan the final conference and divide the introductions between the partners.

Venue - Ekenäs = Tammissari Finland

The fourth partner meeting is held by Axxell. Axxell was formed in 2008 when a number of vocational schools/colleges were combined. Axxell is therefore a sort of a regional training center offering education and training for many vocations. Axxell recommended Ekenäs = Tammissari a popular tourist attraction in the archipelago of Southwest Finland as a venue for the meeting. Ekenäs = Tammissari is a part of the commune Raseborg named after the Castle of Raseborg.

Information for tourists about the region.

Axxell has nine locations in south and southwest Finland. In Karis (the next small town to Ekenäs = Tammissari) has a variety of studies but in other places Axxell is offering only limited disciplines.


We stay at the Motel Marina. We held our meetings at the Axxell facilities in Ekenäs = Tammissari.