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Partner Meeting 5

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Workmentor Partner Meeting 5 was held Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October 2013 in Akureyri.

We can have snow in Akureyri, hopefully not in October.
The group taking part in the piloting in VMA.
Learning to build from metals.

VMA is the Icelandic partner. VMA is a Vocational College located in Akureyri in the northern part of Iceland.


The Main items on the agenda for our last meeting is agreeing on the final edition of our Mentor Workshop Manual, deciding administrative matters and hosting the final conference. The plan is to finish the administrative aspects the first day and the group will take part in a conference in Akureyri concerning Education the second day. The University of Akureyri Teacher's College cooperates with other institutions in the area hosting a conference every second or third year. Usually the conference has been directed towards the common aspects of education at all levels.

This year the keynote speaker is professor Louise Stoll PhD. Her lecture is: Professional Learning Society.
The conference will be held October 4th 2013. The Workmentor Project will host a workshop in the conference about the project. This will be the final conference of the project introducing the work done, the outcome and the future use of the Workmentor methods and materials.


The town of Akureyri is the leading town of Nothern Iceland. Visit Akureyri has information about the area.
Here you find some photos from the town of Akureyri and surroundings.

Information and Agenda

Information about traveling to Akureyri.

Information about VMA.

October 1st the Agenda for the meeting looks like this, also info on travel. Please note change in the agenda for Friday.

Lýsingar á okkar málstofum á Ráðstefnu.

Málstofur, hvenær og hvar.

Poster on conference. Plakat um ráðstefnu.

The partners need to be prepared to:

Report on their situation with piloting and translating materials.

Take part in the workshop on the project. Details in document above.

Discuss how to publish the final products.

Report on piloting in Iceland by VMA. Used in PM4.

Materials - resources

In Icelandic, all workshops. The Workmentor workshops will be held in room M 32 in MA. Lýsingar á öllum málstofum á Ráðstefnu, Workmentor málstofurnar verða í stofu M 32 á Möðruvöllum í MA.

Introduction and a suggestion for workshops the Workmentor partnership will host.

A video from Philip. A short report from him and his situation.

The manual from Philip. Final version


Workmentor workshop.

VMA introducing Workmentor project.

Gower college on mentoring.

VMA experiece from Workmentor.

Workplace education workshop.

VMA on workplace education.