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Reykjavik, December 10 2015. From left: Illugi Gunnarsson minister of education in Iceland presenting a Quality Award for Workmentor to Hjalti Jón Sveinsson, the principal of VMA and Jóhannes Árnason the project manager from VMA.
Learning by working
Workshop with workmentors in VMA November 2012
VMA buildings in Akureyri.

Íslensk vefsíða um verkefnið. / About the project in Icelandic.

In English. Brochure about the project.

Work Mentor project - Mentoring in the Workplace for VET

Work Mentor was a project within the Transfer of Innovation (ToI)
section of the Leonardo da Vinci programme for Vocational Training.
The Leonardo da Vinci programme is a part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.
The project´s identification is: 2011-1-IS1-LEO05-01263

Workmentor receives a quality recognition as a Leonardo da Vinci project in Iceland.

This is the website for Erasmus+ in Iceland listing the projects receiving quality recognitions by Illugi Gunnarsson minister for education in Iceland.
In Icelandic, a brochure presenting the Workmentor Project Quality Award from the Icelandic National Agency.
Illugi Gunnarsson minister of education with the principal of VMA and the project manager from VMA.
Two Leonardo Projects were recognized, IDAN with a mobility project sending apprentices abroad and VMA with Workmentor .

WorkMentor, a Success Story within the Life Long Learning programme.

On November 9th 2015 the partnership received this letter of recognition from the European Commission. The WorkMentor partnership is grateful for the recognition and we would like to thank the many individuals and workplaces taking part in the project. Also the many that we asked for assistance both within our institutions and outside these. Any comments relating to the publication and use of the materials are welcome to any of the partners.



The Workmentor Partnership was invited to present the project in a forum in Brussels.
These are the materials presented by Philip Broomhead from England.

Presenting the WorkMentor Project.
Presenting the Workual Project.
A sheet on Mentoring
A sheet on Empathy
A sheet on Listening
A sheet on Questioning
A sheet on Professional Development Planning.

European Monitoring Conference in Brussels.

The Workmentor Projcet was one of the projects presented in a European Monitoring Conference on workplace education in Brussels February 11th and 12th 2014.
See the Workmentor presentation.
Narrative of the trip to Brussels and notes from the conference. In Icelandic.

Spinoff projects.

The Workmentor Porject is a part of a series of projects. See discussion at the WorkQual website.:

One of the related projects is the WorkQual Project within the Erasmus plus programme.

Another project using the Workmentor approach is GreenPOP. In Icelandic The home page for the GreenPOP Project.

Workshop in Nantes, August 2012

Final conference Videos from presentations of the Workmentor Project.

The final conference presenting the Workmentor project was held in Akureyri Iceland Friday October 4th 2013. Partner Meeting 5 was held the day before.

Goals and objectives

The main objective of the project is to transfer mentoring methods into the relationship between a member of staff and a student in a workplace.
The employee / workmentor is guiding the student, giving the student a more secure beginning in the workplace but at the same time the mentor will work with the student towards the goal of becoming a fully functional member of staff and a qualified worker.


The partners of WorkMentor are seven schools and institutions involved in vocational education.

VMA, Akureyri, Iceland. Íslenska
Gower College Swansea, Wales.
Riverside Training Hereford, England, Riverside had to withdraw from the project after the first year, replaced by Broadshoulders.
Axxell, Southwest Finland,
Jules Rieffel, Nantes, France,
IFSAT, Harderwijk, Netherlands, working with Het Idee van Harderwijk.
Skjetlein, Trondheim, Norway.


The group will meet five times during the project.

Here is a Gantt chart of the proposed work in the project.

PM1. Partner meeting 1 in Wales.

PM2. Partner meeting 2 in Norway.

PM3. Partner meeting 3 and a training of trainers workshop in France.

PM4. Partner meeting 4 in Finland.

PM5. Partner meeting 5 and a final conference in Iceland.

Resources - Products

Please view documents and other sources and products of the project.
All introductory materials and documents used in the project in different languages.

Pictures from Work Mentor

Please have a look at people working on the project in meetings and in workshops.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, Life Long Learning Programme. This document reflects the views of the authors only, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.