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The beach view at Langland Bay, Mumbles at Swansea Wales

The Workmentor Project has two UK partners.

Gower College Swansea, Wales

Broadshoulders Hereford, England which took over from Riverside Training Hereford.

Hereford Cathedral

Gower College Swansea is one of the major partners in supplying the transferred materials to the Workmentor Project. They have a long experience using mentoring methods for different purposes, training different groups of students to become mentors for other students or using mentoring in their jobs with people in need of guidance.

Riverside Training is a training provider in Hereford and has been using mentoring approaches with the workplaces they send their students to.
Broadshoulders stepped in when the situation at Riverside changed. The experience from Hereford in working with workplaces and mentors in the workplace is very important to the Workmentor project.

The Workmentor Project Products:

Introductory materials
A Gantt chart of the proposed work for all the project.

Text to introduce the Workmentor Project.
Brochure about the project.
Brochure about the project. Outside, new version
Slides introducing the project.

Inventory of needs
Survey about Mentoring.
‎Guidelines for survey.
Report, Inventory of Needs.

Mentoring workshop Materials
Slides from Riverside England.

Outcome from the piloting phase
Report on the piloting phase for all partners.

Final Products:
Manual for use in Mentoring workshop.