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Kristján Þór Júlíusson (seated) is a Member of Parliament and servers as Minister of Health Care in the Icelandic Government from May 2013. Kristján was trying out a welding simulator with the mentoring of Baldvin Ringsted, director of technical studies at VMA.
Attending Partners´ Meeting 2 at Stiklestad, Trondheim, Norway(from left): Bente (Skjetlein, Nor), Beatrice (Axxell, Fin), Caroline (Gower Coll, Wales), Stephen (Riverside Eng), Kristín in front (VMA, Ice), Ketill in back (VMA, Ice), Don in front (Gower Coll, Wales), Bas in back (IFSAT, Netherlands), Mireille in front (Jules R. France), Tanja (Axxell Fin), Maarten in back (Het Idee/IFSAT, Netherlands), Ingvild (Skjetlein Nor), Jóhannes (VMA, Ice), Philip (Riverside, Eng).

Here we list different files containing materials we are using in the project and the documents we have produced to fulfill the goals of the project.

Please refer to the appropriate country to look for documents and materials for each country. Below you will also find the materials related to each phase of the project.

Of course all materials are open for use. However these are not for commercial use. A reproduction is pending normal copyright. Please contact to obtain editable versions of the materials.

Major products in English

Slides about mentoring used at a workshop in the Greenpop project.
Brochure about the project.
Text to introduce Workmentor
Slides introducing the project.
A Gantt chart of the proposed work in the project.
A strategy for the dissemination of the Workmentor Project.

Report on dissemination and Valorization activities of the Workmentor Project.

Survey to employers about Mentoring.
‎Guidelines for survey.
Report, Inventory of Needs.

Report on the piloting phase for all partners.

The Final Version of the Workmentor Workshop Manual for use in Mentoring workshop.

ILM Manual for use in Mentoring workshop.

Narrative report, describing the work done.
A report from the external Evaluator, describing her experience attending the PM3 meeting in Nantes.
Report from the External Evaluator from the University of Akureyri.

Introductory materials

UK: Wales and England
Brochure about the project.
Text to introduce Workmentor
Slides introducing the project.

Brochure about the project, outside, in Icelandic.
Brochure about the project, inside, in Icelandic.
Workmentor introduction text.
Workmentor introduction slides.

Swedish (Finland):
Text introduction to Workmentor.

Workmentor introduction slides Norway.
Brochure about the project, outside in Norwegian.
Brochure about the project, inside in Norwegian.
In Norwegian, an article about our meeting in Nantes.

Introduction to Workmentor.
Slide introduction in French.
Brochure about the project, outside, in French.
Brochure about the project, inside, in French.

Brochure about the project, outside, in Dutch.
Brochure about the project, inside, in Dutch.

Inventory of needs

Outcome of the inventory of needs.
Report, Inventory of Needs.

Surveys for workplaces.

UK: Wales and England
Survey about Mentoring.
‎Guidelines for survey.

VMA survey, nemendur í ATF

Swedish (Finland):
Questionnaire Swedish

Survey for employers in Norwegian.
Mentoring questionnaire.
‎Guidelines for survey.

Questionnaire Dutch

Piloting phase

Example of a certificate.

Survey about the piloting workshops in each country

Outcome of the inventory of needs.
Report, Piloting the Workmentor Workshops.

UK: Wales and England
Slides from Riverside England.
Report from an assessor meeting at Riverside.
The agenda for a workshop with Hospitality workers.
Summary from a workshop with Hospitality workers.
Update on the piloting in England.

VMA piloting plan in English.
Brochure for workplaces about Workmentor.
Workmentor workshop, course description.
Sheets for participants.
Slides to use in piloting workshop.
Report on piloting in Iceland by VMA.

Swedish (Finland):
Report on piloting by Axxell - Finland.

Invitation to a workshop for mentors.
Workshop for Mentors (Horse people) Norway.
Notes from a meeting with Mentors, Norway.

Piloting in France.
Slide introduction in French.

IFSAT report on piloting.

Workmentor Workshop Manual

Table of contents from Mentor training manual.

UK: Wales and England
Workmentor Workshop Manual for use in Mentoring workshop.

Workmentor Workshop Manual, in Icelandic. Námsefnið, handbók á íslensku fyrir leiðbeinendur.

Swedish (Finland):
Workmentor Workshop Manual in Swedish


Workmentor Workshop Manual in French.

Workmentor Workshop Manual in Dutch.

Other products

A short report from Bas Timmers on a trip to Bulgaria concerned with using the outcomes of the Workmentor project.


The Workmentor Partnership was invited to present the project in a forum in Brussels.
These are the materials presented by Philip Broomhead from England.

Presenting the WorkMentor Project.
Presenting the Workual Project.
A sheet on Mentoring
A sheet on Empathy
A sheet on Listening
A sheet on Questioning
A sheet on Professional Development Planning.

European Monitoring Conference in Brussels. The Workmentor Projcet was one of the projects presented in a European Monitoring Conference on workplace education in Brussels February 11th and 12th 2014.
See the Workmentor presentation.
Narrative of the trip to Brussels and notes from the conference. In Icelandic.