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European Study Visit 230 Tackling Early School-leaving. March 10th - 14th 2013.

A group of professionals spent four days together in Netherlands studying examples of actions aimed at working with early school-leavers or students likely to become early school-leavers. In all countries some youngsters do not find their pathway in school. Perhaps we should say that the school or school system does not offer suitable studies for these students. They tend to leave school without a certificate or a qualification and this proves difficult in finding a job and building a career. The study visit focused on various ways schools, municipalities and educational authorities have used to try to lower the rate of early school leaving.

The final group report submitted to CEDEFOB.

Story of the trip and meetings in Icelandic.


The Study visit was planned by CINOP http://www.cinop.nl/ http://www.leonardodavinci.nl/
The people responsible were
Mr Peter van Deursen pdeursen@cinop.nl
Mr Peter Luijten pluijten@cinop.nl
Ms Tonnie van Opstal topstal@cinop.nl

Documents concerning the study visit:

Letter of invitation.

Agenda / Program.

Dutch Educational System

Monday 11th March 2013

Presentations at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
Peter van Ijsselmuiden on the educational system in the Netherlands.
Martine Soethout on actions against Early School Leaving.
Martine Soethout heads a department on actions to prevent early school-leaving
Here is a link to a report on Early School-Leaving in the Netherlands.

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Presentations at the Municipality of s-Hertogenbosch.
Theo van der Veerdonk project manager, Education and Labour Market and European cooperation.
Ton van der Bersselaar on Action plan learning jobs.

Presentations at Koning Willem 1 College:
Marianne Gevers on KW1C actions on Early School-Leaving.
Harry van der Schans on thinking creatively.
Roger van der Akker and Arnoud Mortier on success class.

Wednesday 13th March 2013

Scholingswinkel, http://www.servicepuntdetailhandelrotterdam.nl/

Presentation by Machiel van de Laar and Nicole Pont about Playing for Success

Thursday 14th March 2013

Presentation about mentoring in Friesland. Szilvia Simon http://www.mentorprogrammafriesland.nl/

The group:

Name and email Job and Institution Website and presentation from partner
Marie-Christine Celaure


Assistant headmaster Collège du Chaudron,

Saint-Denis, La Réunion, France


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Luz Quinero Martínez


Headmistress B06 Berritzegune,

Zaratamo Spain


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Jóhannes Árnason

jarn@vma.is tel. +354 846 90 30

Teacher, project manager Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri (VMA),

Akureyri, Iceland


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Piret Torm - Mirontsik


Development and Quality Manager

Rakvere Vocational School, Estonia


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Anja Preuveneers


Mandatory of legal aspects of organizing elementary education

GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Belgium


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

María Jesús Domínguez

mariajdominguez@hotmail.com 46024801@edu.gva.es


Colonia y Fundación Diagrama Burjassot, Spain


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Giuseppe Simplicio


Principal Giuseppe on radio, Sunday March 24th at 11.15 Italian time.

Campofelice di Roccella and Lascari, Cefalú, Sicily, Italy


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Kirsti Jolma

kirsti.jolma@jarfalla.se tel. +46-8-580 283 03

Project/Development leader

Education department, Järfälla municipality, Stockholm, Sweden


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Arno Bernhardt


Inspector Staatliches Schulamt für den Landkreis Gießen und den Vogelsbergkreis, Deutschland http://schulamt-giessen.lsa.hessen.de

Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Massimo Bonaglia


Trainer and tutor/guide

ENGIM Piemonte, Artigianelli Torino, Italy


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Thierry Bouchard


Secondary School Headmaster

Collège Rose Saint-Just, La Trinité, Martinique, France


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.

Adrienn Györy


Junior analyst / Researcher

Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis, Hungary


Examples of actions against early school-leaving.